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A new season of X-Factor is here

X-Factor is the most popular of all talent shows in the world today. Created by Simon Cowell it is a hit all across the world, but maybe first of all in the UK. In England X-Factor is broadcasted on ITV, and a new season of X-Factor recently started on the same channel. Would you like to be up to date on what’s going on at X-Factor in the UK? Start… Read More »

The X-Factor auditions have come to an end!

On September 11th the last audition for the 13th season of X-Factor was aired on ITV in the UK! It has been a great series of auditions, but now we look forward for the action to begin as the mentors will pick their students. Simon Cowell has seen a lot in the last years since he started X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. He is not only active in the UK,… Read More »

A new season with X-Factor has started

A new season with X-Factor has started and you can of course enjoy the episodes and the beautiful singing in the ITVPlayer online. But, there is the common problem that if you try to watch this from abroad, you will not be able to. I just made this little YouTube video which shows both the error message you receive, and what I do personally to get rid of it so… Read More »