I just got ITV Player Error message 135

By | May 17, 2017

I have already written an article about error messages you get as you try to watch ITV on your Android device. That is why I was sad to notice that I just got error message 135 myself!

In my article on error message you get as you watch ITV on your Android device I have already written about the error message 135 and several other messages. The most frequent reason for getting such an error message is the fact that you are located outside of England, and since the stream are only available in the UK, you get error message 135 instead.

In my article I wrote about a VPN provider that could help you get an IP address in the UK and thus make the error message 135 disappear, but as I tried it myself earlier today I still got the error message. What has happened? Most likely ITV has blocked the IP addresses used by that VPN provider, and as a result I can not use it anymore to stream ITV on my Android device abroad. It has become very frequent to do like that, and the same methods are used by providers such as Amazon Prime, Netflix. BBC and Hulu. So, what did I do in order to get rid of error message 135 on my Android device?

What did I do to get rid of error 135?

I don’t like updating a lot of articles, so instead of writing the solution right here, I will rather tell you to read my updated article on how to get rid of the Android error messages as you watch ITV from abroad. The article has just been updated, and in it you can read more about a VPN provider working for the purpose of streaming ITV on your Android device without error messages.

Here I am watching Family Guy on my Android device abroad without error messages

Here I am watching Family Guy on my Android device abroad without error messages

I hope you will succeed, just like me. Here you can take a look at a screenshot I just made as I watched Family Guy in the ITV Hub application on my Android device.