New seasons and episodes coming up

The autumn is just around the corner and with September approaching, so will our favorite TV series return to the screens again. ITV is a producer of great TV series, but they are not alone about that in Britain, because so is BBC. In fact BBC has been nominated for several Emmy Awards in 2016, especially for their fantastic production named The Night Manager. Now, ITV might not be as… Read More »

You can’t watch the Summer Olympics on ITV

If you were hoping for the Summer Olympics to be broadcasted on ITV, just like Euro 2016, you will probably be disappointed. The Summer Olympics will be broadcasted by BBC only in the UK. It has become quite normal for BBC and ITV to share the rights to broadcast big sports events. Earlier we have seen them share the rights to broadcast for example the World Cup in football in… Read More »

Can Beau Dermont win Britain’s Got Talent?

Yesterday was yet another semi-final in Britain’s Got Talent and Beau Dermont seems to go forth as one of the big favorites to win the entire competition. But, she is not alone, because there are so many other great performers that have secured themselves a spot in the final, so I am not at all convinced that Beau Dermont will win the entire show. One of last nights surprises was… Read More »