I just got ITV Player Error message 135

I have already written an article about error messages you get as you try to watch ITV on your Android device. That is why I was sad to notice that I just got error message 135 myself! In my article on error message you get as you watch ITV on your Android device I have already written about the error message 135 and several other messages. The most frequent reason… Read More »

Can I watch Suits season 6 on ITVPlayer?

I recently moved to England and I want to watch Suits season 6. Is it broadcasted by ITV in England? Can I watch it online? Suits is a very popular TV series, but unfortunately it is not broadcasted by ITV in England. The TV network broadcasting the TV series is called Dave, but all episodes of season 6 has already been broadcasted by Dave, so as I currently visited their… Read More »

Can I stream the Academy Awards on ITV?

The Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on February 26th in 2017. Can I stream the event on ITV? Or will it be broadcasted by some other TV company? The Academy Awards is Christmas eve for the movie industry, and this year everyone expect La La Land to be the lucky movie getting all the Christmas presents (or statues). I certainly hope these predictions will fail, because there… Read More »